Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Date for Joggles Class and other Happenings

I hope the date change for my Yin/Yang Box Class via Joggles was not an inconvenience for some of you. Barb at Joggles does a great job of trying to make shopping easier for you by obtaining as many of the supplies you will need in a one stop shop at Joggles. So in an effort to obtain as many supplies as possible she moved the date a bit. I'm happy because several of you have joined the class in the last week or so and this might not have happened had the date stayed put. So, WELCOME those of you who signed up early and those of you still signing up! I'm looking forward to the class!

Other News.....I just returned from Cincinnati where North Light Books photographed the techniques and projects for my book. Julie Hollyday, my Editor, and Christine Polomsky, my Photographer, were amazing during my week there. They were gracious and kind and women I laughed easily with- most importantly! They are part of a very talented team of individuals there at North Light and I feel privileged to be working with them.

I have my Etsy shop up and running again. I'm trying something new by having original artworks for sale. Right now Rose, Daylily and Lotus are highlighted and I am also selling my rubber stamps there and on my website.

I'm dreaming up my next goal- a large scale public installation. McMinnville City Hall is on my radar so I will be submitting a proposal to them in the upcoming weeks. Wish me luck!

Today is Thanksgiving and I am THANKFUL! I am grateful for the enormous amount of LOVE in my life, for HEALTH and for HAPPINESS. I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! Take care.

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Anonymous said...

wow! this is extremely inspiring! Thanx! I read u r coming to McMinnville. My Home Town! I cant wait to meet you and see your exquisite work. McMinnville will be changed. . .Forever. . . Ive already been saving fabrics and wood pieces for years. Ive been woodburning, sewing, beading,painting(only on Unique Pieces of wood) for years. When I happened to stop on the Art Beat Show, for the first time. It all came together for ME!! Telemedura~!