Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FREE Yin/Yang Box Class

To celebrate the gorgeous weather and in gratitude for the continued support I receive for my artwork, I am offering a FREE Yin/Yang Box Class! How it works: Click on FREE Yin/Yang Box Class and you will be directed to my Classes/Workshop page. Click on the image of the Yin/Yang Box and you will be directed to a page that describes it, click on Contact Alma to e-mail me to let me know you would like to participate. I will send you e-mails with the supplies and the pdf's and I will be available for you via e-mail (only if you want to!)- to answer any questions you may have. Here is the description for the class:

Join me as we uncover our unique duality of Yin and Yang within us. This class will ask questions of you that will take you on a personal journey of discovery. In the process you will learn more about Yin and Yang energy within and without you while creating a beautiful double-sided box (Yin/Yang) as a metaphor for the answers you find within yourself. The box will house your dreams and goals within a journal and we will create a magnet board, complete with one-of-a kind magnets (metaphor for magnetizing what you want in life). Join me in excavating a little of the amazing mystery within while creating a
beautiful place to treasure your findings- a gift to yourself as you ready to begin a new year.

I look forward to your participation!


Chrissy Foreman C said...


Doreen said...

Hello, What a generous gift you are offering here. I would love to participate...I was unable to contact you via the "contact me" button due to the fact that I have web based mail...may I use the email address you have here on your blog in the sidebar to sign up for the class?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many blessings for the day,