Friday, May 15, 2009

Walking Toward Her Wisdom

I lost weight last night.
PLEASINGOTHERS had corked the sweet nectar hidden inside.
I was bathed in the sweet waters of Divine and I emerged thinner.
Rebecca calls it having "some cry inside" and it had been wanting to come out.
It opened a door to a land where bare, full, rounded bottoms and naked capfuls of breasts pulsed to PersonPeople as the flowers grew from the tips of our hair.
We danced around the Lotus Pond of New Birth, each blossom opening so that we could sit inside, shutting our eyes for an afternoon nap as the petals enfolded us.
Noon became Night as Mother Moon beamed her fullness.
She called us up, each one, to be given our name.
"Authentica" she whispered,
"Walk toward your wisdom now."
And I took the path that was only ever right,
My own.


Katie said...

WHAT?! Oh wow, Alma. You took me to that place with you. This was absolutely beautifully written. wow.

Lady P said...