Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I recently created 15 new artworks for a Gallery section of my book (due out in November!) and during the process of creating them I joked with my family and friends that if they stood still long enough, they would end up as inspiration for one of these 15 pieces. I had already created 30 works for the book and these 15 were added when I thought I was already finished. Those first few days of coming up with new ideas had me worried because I wanted them to be fresh and new and nothing seemed to be coming to friend Julie stood still at Yoga long enough for me to get inspired :). She even went so far as to MOVE ME, so I dedicated this little piece to her, titled Longevity.

On a recent and much deserved vacation in Hawaii, Julie returned with a beautiful new tattoo of a turtle on her back, just below her shoulder. As I admired it she told me how she picked the turtle. She turned to me and said, "The turtle is a symbol for longevity." She paused and added, "That means a lot to me because of my diabetes and my kids." Julie has four beautiful children, including twin three year olds and she is an amazing mother to them all and it really moved me that she would place this permanent symbol on her body as a totem for a long life well lived with those she loves most.


Katie said...

ALMA!! I just love this posting! Julie must be so honored!!! She inspires me to finally go out and get my own tattoo...
You are a phenomenal artist, truly...I am in awe of you!

Lorelei Mermaid said...

I watched you again on Oregon Art Beat today. I meant to email when I saw the show earlier. I am amazed, but not surprised, you are creative and stunning. I love especially how you talked about sharing yourself, thank you.
I still remember how you pushed me, literally, thank you! I had back surgery in April, and it really helped.

Love you and your kids,
Chloe's Mom