Thursday, November 11, 2010


Amber© by Alma de la Melena Cox

Time did not stand still
but leaned longer into
the moment, long enough
to drench my skin. Yes,
I said, to glowing golden.

The shadows had no choice
but to move farther
in the low, warm light,
they reached, but I was
no longer beholden.

Like driftwood on a current
I swam with the wind,
along a sunset stream,
up and over the moon I was,
when picked up and loved.
In short, I was astounded.

"She's a beauty," I hear her say.
Light's journey from high
to deep inside dissolves
me in the rough edged pages
of a singular season's story
and her bounty of harvest hues.

This chapter is undone.
I'm still and in the moment,
grateful for time travel
in my veins. This
amber leaf is pressed
in the space between
the heavens,
forever cherished
and glad I said yes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hay manos que sostienen las tuyas!

Cree y siente en cada minuto de tu vida,

deja que tu alma vuele libre en algo superior

en algo superior que llega donde tu

vision no puede alcanzar, pero que tu corazon puede sentir.

Nunca te quedes en el medio del camino.....