Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Impressions" Show at San Francisco Women Artists Gallery

"Taking Dictation©" (above) was accepted into the Impressions Show at the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery. I am enjoying combining my writing with my visual art. The poem in the typewriter reads:

Taking Dictation© by Alma de la Melena Cox

The plume, disguised.

The One Who Creates renders wings.
Viracocha's promise takes flight.

Wisdom, here for the crossing.
Beauty's window, wide.

An old stone loosens.
A miracle will rise.

Thank you to AurOraBOrealis on Deviant Art for the Dandelion image (

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katiebird said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love love love this my friend. I've been way into owls this year, as well. The poem was inspired - WOW!