Sunday, January 27, 2013

I traded a bug for a soul.....a money story

It was a fear bug I had, and just to make sure I understood, my Soul provided a physical manifestation for my growth (and Her enjoyment!). A week ago my Volkswagen Beetle died, for good. It was going to cost almost as much as I purchased it for, less than a year ago (used), to fix it. I watched my fears rise about the money lost, about adding a car payment when I have two kids just about to go to college, and I’ll be honest, about losing a cute car I loved.
With the help of one amazing person, Gabrielle Bernstein and her book, May Cause Miracles I have been shedding fears I’ve held for a lifetime. This one about money has been a big one. You see, when I was a girl my family lost a lot money and homes I loved. In short, money=suffering. It didn’t seem to matter if we had it or didn’t, there was never enough of it. To protect myself from continued stress around money, I gave it a negative meaning, like money is the root of all evil, and I created an avoidance mechanism to keep money from hurting me. I not only repeated the stress pattern I saw growing up, but I also avoided abundant ideas to create money, making excuses as to why they wouldn’t work (too hard, not worth it, no one will buy it). Here’s what I did with the guidance of May Cause Miracles…with willingness I said, “I forgive myself for choosing fear of money. I choose love instead.” A new perception whirled into view. The fears I’ve carried have caused so much dis-ease in me, keeping me from trusting my inherent truth. It’s funny how one little bug that needed so much money to save it, a new ignition, a new transmission, even a new passenger air bag, could give something back to me that is priceless. The Universe is my mirror. It showed me I’m responsible for igniting ideas that will benefit others, for transmitting them through this human vehicle I’ve been given to use on this Earth and to help ease the journey for others if I can. It’s time to stop avoiding what I’m really for. With gratitude for the symbol that was given to me to learn such a useful lesson, I am happily and fearlessly making payments on a Kia Soul. I know my soul appreciates the gesture.

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