Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dear Life

Dear Life, I owe you one. You left a trail of breadcrumbs in a statement I heard once a long time ago, "Life is an illusion." I followed them on a dramatic quest for their meaning, where I battled demons, slayed not one, but many dragons, rescued the Princess, the Queen, the King, kissed the frog, made my stepsisters my besties and saved the whole freakin' Kingdom, only to unexpectedly find myself at the end, like a giant holding you like a crystal ball in my hands. What a gift! The realization that I was larger than you wasn't even the best part. You showed me I've been writing the fairytale from the very beginning! If I created everything, then it is time for a DIY makeover of the land I call My Mind. Demons and dragons will be my house pets. The Princess? I found her locked up in the tower with her high expectations, but I'll make her the life of the party, she'll love that. The Queen, oh the Queen. She was under the impression it was her kingdom and wasn't pleased to lose control of it, so I'll be giving her some creative projects she can run with in the next few chapters. The tyrant King, what to do with him? I know! I'll sign him up for yoga. That guy just needs to breathe- he is wound tight! When I kissed the frog, I expected the obvious, but when that didn't happen, I accepted the outcome, a golden key. I know just what I'll do with it. I'll open the magic door to new worlds/chapters I'll create whenever I want. I'm renaming my besties, Bliss and Beauty and together we will oversee the new projects underway. There is so much to do and so much to look forward to as a Giantess! Fee Fi Fo Fun, that's all I have to say. And yeah, thanks.


Debra Howard said...

Great post! Made me really think about my own life and how it is time I rewrite the story.

Alma Art said...

Thanks Debra! We just need to write it one word at a time, right?
Happy Creating!