Monday, February 25, 2008

News and more news!

I have much to share! I'd like to say I've been sitting by a pool in the sun, hanging out with my friends.......but wait, I have! Please see the CHA news for more on that. First things first.......The March/April issue for Cloth, Paper, Scissors (#17) has been published. I am so happy to to have my process shared with you all in this beautiful publication. You may see the first page of the article by going to my website. Since I have been reading Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Quilting Arts Magazines it has been a dream for me to see my work in their pages. I am honored and excited!

I am a partner in a gallery here in Sisters called, The Way We Art. Tricia Biesmann (PB Designs) and Lucinda Summerfield (Denim and Silk) and I are proud to include Katie Estvold (Sparrow's Cottage) as our new partner. Katie is a multi-talented artist and wonderful friend. She not only designs beautiful websites (check mine out :)), but she is a gifted artist who is passionate and an expert on history, particularly women's history during the 18th century. She is currently creating inspired Stationary Boxes that you'll just love. Check out her website! We all had the opportunity to recently attend CHA, the Craft and Hobby Association's tradeshow in Anaheim, California.

Yes, we enjoyed some pool side delights but only after we had spent countless hours enjoying and absorbing all there was to see and do. We heard two sensational speakers, Suze Orman, financial expert extraordinaire and Jack Canfield who wrote the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and is a fantastic motivational speaker. Jack, you changed my life! The whole experience was magical as we made some important business connections and met some wonderful people. I finally had the privilege of meeting Sherrill Kahn with Impress Me rubber stamps. She was at the Jacquard booth impressing all of us with her talent and enthusiasm. Sherrill is who encouraged me to write my Telamadera Fusion process in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and has convinced me to create rubber stamps of my designs. I met another wonderful soul, Carol Murphy (altered by design and ) who shared her ideas and work with me too. I am happy to have made a new friend.

Now back in sleepy, snowy Sisters, Oregon, I am working on a few projects. I can hardly wait for you to see "Be the Light," my largest Telamadera Fusion artwork to date. It measures four feet by four feet. I recently met a gifted woodworker who will be creating my wood substrates for me as well as my mirrors. I am so grateful to have found someone local to help me. OH! I finished painting my studio too. Yes, those are the pics above. Jamaican Blue and Buttercream on the walls make my heart sing. I love it!

Basketball season is over for the kids, and not a moment too soon. Did I just say that? No, I love sitting on wood bleachers for four hours on Saturdays and for four hours on Sundays! I even kept some splinters just to remind me how fun that part of the experience was :). Truly, it was a delight watching my beautiful children improve and have a blast with their teammates. Mike and I are gearing up for Lacrosse and Track and Field next. Let's hope it stops snowing!

Thank you all for visiting my website and blog, for your kind and generous comments and for your continual support of my artwork. You rock!


Katie said...

What a nice posting! I loved seeing your studio in person. I thought it was just perfect!

Carolyn said...

I received my march/april issue of cloth paper scissors and LOVE your work. I cannot wait to give your technique a try!!! When I do I'll let you know so you can see the finished product!
I'll be back to visit your blog I'm sure.
All the best,

Alma Art said...
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Anonymous said...

I, too, just picked up the march/april copy of CPS. After reading about you in the "who did this" section, I immediately went to the pages showing and describing your work! BEAUTIFUL, and so fun!! I have been to Peru, and I clearly see where your color inspiration comes from. I live in Montana, and take some fiber art classes - maybe one of our lessons will include your process - I hope so! Thank you!!

Angela said...

Hi Alma
I wish I was able to get a copy of the issue, I know that you gave instructions on "how to" do some wonderful pieces. Are the directions on another site? I would love to try to do my own! Thanks.