Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gearing up to Teach!

We are very excited to be moving our gallery, The Way We Art, to the Sisters Art Works building where we will have the space to teach lots of classes. I'm putting together a Fabric Collage Class, where I'll demonstrate making cards and a no-sew mini quilt during a Saturday in April. I'm excited and hope I receive lots of interest! One of my partners and good friend, Tricia Biesmann already taught a Felt-a-Bowl workshop that was a success! We are very proud of her.

I am thinking of offering a Telamadera Fusion technique On-line class. I'm in the planning stages right now but was hoping to receive some input from all of you out there who might be interested. What I'm thinking is .....offering a four week session where I am available via e-mail to answer your questions during two hours, two days during the week. Participants would receive detailed how-to instructions, a detailed supply list and my support during the four weeks. The cost would be $80.- for the four week session. I'm eager to hear if this interests anyone!

Thank you everyone for your support and enthusiasm about my work! It makes my heart sing!


Anonymous said...

I think your telemadera Fusion is
great. I am a visual learner and
a book with pictures for each step
I'd be willing to purchase. If a
video comes with the book in a set,
I'm willing to pay your 4-week computer class fee.

I'm attempting to follow your directions in the March/April 2008 Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Ena

Darla said...

I am very intrigued by your telemadera fusion as well. The colors are vibrant and seem to tell a story. I love the tactile part because I love to touch art and feel it, not just see it. I am very interested in an online class, let's start right away!

Sarah said...

Hi, Atma. Hope you're enjoying your new home. I grew up in SF and loved my time spent in San Rafael as an escape to city life for many years.

I have your book for a couple of years when I was doing a lot of decoupage...but haven't done it with wood. I don't care about using the woodburning tool and wood chisel is too cumbersome to work with. The latest craze in making jewelry with domino tiles sparks my interest so I thought I will get some practice in larger surface before delving into intricate pieces. I am replacing the fusing step and primarily doing free-hand cutting/shaping. Do you think Fabric Fusion is strong enough for small fabric pieces adhering to the wood surface even after the vanished layers. It's more conducive for me as I'm on the road often and access to power source is limited or next to nil. Thanks for your insight :D