Monday, September 1, 2008

Finding Brain Coral and other tidbits

It is amazing to me that it has been three months since my last entry. I am "Loving What Is," borrowing Byron Katie's title of her influential book. Have you read it? I am loving that my blog called to me tonight (and not a moment sooner) on the eve of the day 'work' (aka. 'FUN') begins, as my self-gifted vacation comes to a close. I have spent the last four weeks blissfully filling myself up with inspiration, spending time with family and friends, relishing long walks on the Mexican Riviera (see glorious color above- near Playa del Carmen) while picking up bits of Brain coral along the white sand, reading, reading and reading everything from French Art and Interior Design magazines I can barely understand to Byron Katie's books that are changing the way I DON'T think, to reading the messages this Universe sends me in my stillness.

I completed the next art project I will be teaching for for their online classes. Ok, so the four blissful weeks did contain a little work/FUN, I won't lie, but when I see work/fun as the fun it is, it is hard to put it on hold completely. Anyway, the last online class in Telamadera Fusion was a huge success! I loved connecting with all of you who attended and shared your beautiful creations with me. The next class will begin November 18th- we will create a Yin/Yang Box complete with journals and magnets. A little preview for you on the right :). Today while surfing my favorite do-it-yourself channels, at 3pm the tv changed the channel automatically to Oprah. Not one to think this kind of occurence odd, I simply assumed Fate was pointing me toward this particular show I had seen already months ago where Elizabeth Gilbert (she wrote the brilliant, Eat, Pray, Love) was Oprah's guest. I'm all over the place right now, but hopefully you're following...a week ago on the Yin side of my Yin/Yang box, I wrote the words, "Be still and know." I heard these words on the show today and I knew I was pointing in the direction I needed to be. I'm reminded that life will speak and gift us with all we need if we can just BE, for a little while anyway. Of course my husband explained why the channel skipped over without my pressing any buttons- something about how I had probably inadvertently programmed it when surfing channels earlier. A Left-brained, logical answer, but I'll stick with my explanation- more mystically know what I mean?

I sent off the first fifteen projects to North Light Books and I'm thrilled to get going on the next 15. Between doing very little these past four weeks, some rays of light have graciously illuminated the right side of my brain so some preliminary sketches have been drawn. I also managed to clean out the studio of stuff blocking precious energy so I'm ready to go! The promised samples of my new rubber stamps will be on the blog this week and for now I will be taking orders via e-mail until the paypal account is set-up. I'm excited to share the "Reclaiming Yin" series with you and would love to see what these stamps inspire in you to create.

My dreams have been very vivid the last couple of weeks. I'm a little surprised as I usually don't experience dreams I remember clearly until closer to Winter. Anyway, last night's took place at UCLA where I went to school. It was a lovely dream where I saw the old buildings along with new ones I've never seen and wonder if they really exist. I went to pick up the schedule of classes, like the catalog, and on the first page it had a few classes that I was taking but the rest of the catalog was blank. I loved being in the store where all the supplies were, I loved feeling like I fit in even though I'm almost twenty years older than most that attend and I loved that my whole family was living there on campus with me. My son was riding his bike along side me as we went to find the catalog. Isn't that funny? Anyway, the peace and happiness I felt upon awakening was a THING, you know? Like a solid, I could have held it and tossed it to you, it was that dense. I woke up KNOWING I am meant to share what I know, that I'm here to fill in the rest of the schedule, fill myself up with joy and help expand this amazing curriculum that is life.

I'm glad to have spent a little part of this evening together. Thank you for sharing your time with me. May your creative wanderings lead you down unexpected paths and through colorful doors. -Alma

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