Saturday, February 21, 2009

On Abundance......and Serendipity

Mommy look at us!

Good Morning All!

As the Universe would have it, as soon as I start INTENDING abundance, it serendipitously sends me pointers- life arrows if you will, illuminating a path for me to follow. I could have dismissed the mention of a book from a kind note I received, but thought it might be a 'message from the Universe' (yes, it writes to me), so I followed up. In her book, "Your Heart's Desire," (my favorite of this New Year by the way), Sonia Choquette discusses the Principles of Creativity, and how by applying them, you can create whatever you desire. She says, "There is no favoritism involved and no luck. There is, however, synchronicity and grace. If you follow the natural Principles of Creativity, you will receive these gifts along the way." I know, you've heard it all before, right?....there's Law of Attraction, The Secret, and endless books with endless 'steps' toward creating the life you want, we have ENDLESSLY discussed the topic. I hear Cuba Gooding in my ear yelling, "Show me the Money!" - a collective metaphor for those that feel they aren't receiving their desires fast enough. I've been discussing this with the Universe- yes, we also talk, and this is what it has to say, "SHOW ME THE LOVE!

It is funny that it has taken me so long to see it really, after all, the Universe has been showing me all along with the people in my life. The more I love them unconditionally, the more I receive. It has shown me that when I love myself by exercising and eating well, my health and body love me back. It shows me that when I honor and value my art, more inspired ideas come my way. Seems obvious doesn't it, love and you'll be loved. Then why has it EVER been a challenge to receive what we want? Why are some things more elusive to manifest in our lives than others?

I can't answer that for everyone, but I can tell you that in my life I have spent entirely too much time in my head for my own good, spent way too much time wondering what's going on in the head's of others, and really wasted time worrying what others will think of what's going on in my head. My head has been so heavy, I finally just took the darn thing off and have decided to let my heart steer my body. I've been entirely about me for too long, and not enough about outside of me. Which brings me back to the Universe.....

My friend the Universe, is like a small child. It is on the swing yelling, "Mommy, look at me!" It is not unlike me, in fact it is just like me, it wants to be noticed and GOOD or BAD, whatever you notice about it, it will respond (sound like anybody you know?). Knowing I create my reality has seriously asked me to consider how I spend my thoughts. What I've realized is that the more I spend time 'love thinking' outside myself, the better life gets. Oh, let me define "love thinking"- the act of noticing with your heart. Whether you see the Universe as your friend or not, for better or worse, this relationship is here to stay. See what happens when you show it the love.

Life Arrows I've received lately:

"Your Heart's Desire," by Sonia Choquette


Darlene Siddons said...

great is another idea for manifesting...Vision Map Videos....i produce them and they are very effective....keep up the great work!!!

happy blogging

Katie said...

What a beautiful way to look at Abundance...I love that!

jess gonacha said...

what a wonderful post!! oh my goodness, JUST what i needed to read right now.thank you so much for sharing this-- you know how certain things you read you understand with your head and others with your heart? this i understand with my heart. :) thank you.

and p.s. i'm going to post your piece on Pecannoot very soon! I have lots of pieces to post, but it's coming, I promise!

p.p.s. I'm adding your blog to the list on Pecannoot right now!