Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Elizabeth Gilbert speaks about Genius at TED

Please watch Elizabeth Gilbert's inspired talk by clicking on the TED website to the right of this entry. Her talk moved me as she spoke about our creativity being "on loan" for us to enjoy (and appreciate!). Some call it their Muse, others, Divine Inspiration (or intervention :)), but if we have ever experienced an idea so strongly or felt bliss in the process of creating, then we have been touched by a force greater than ourselves. It is both powerful and humbling. To know we have this access calls us to higher ground where we show up to allow creativity to flow through us. Taking responsibilty for inspired ideas, without excuses, fears or procrastination has been and IS my work. The more I realize the amazing gift that is 'on loan' for me to enjoy and share, I can get out of my own way and let magic have its way. I embrace a positive word or reaction to my artwork because I am the vehicle through which it was created and also the vehicle through which the generous words will reach the Source of that inspiration. Just like me, it LOVES to be noticed and when it is, it gives back HUGELY! Every kindness, every compliment and every gift we share rewards us with love and connection.

Speaking of love and connection- I am SO GRATEFUL to Jess Gonacha for posting my artwork on her site, Please check out the wonderful art she posts from other artists. I check out her site daily for a positive pick-me-up. She shares her images (she is a very talented illustrator) and those of other artists- the art, to me, reflects a spirit of love, connection, abundance, joy, bliss and beauty. Thank you Jess!

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Alison said...

I came across your work after viewing the great piece about you on Oregon Art Beat. I send you sincere gratitude for your sharing - both the sharing of your creative process with Telamadera, your inspirations (including this great talk by Elizabeth Gilbert), and your openness with your blog. I can see that you have really opened channels in your life that allow abundance to flow to you and through you! May you be well.