Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Spring Bounty"

New Artwork! Although it snowed in Sisters yesterday, and the wind is howling today, the sun IS shining and I begin to see little shoots of bulbs pushing through the earth all around town. "Spring Bounty" reflects my mood these days....happy and grateful for the bounty of beauty that surrounds me. Last night we hosted a slumber party where eight, 12 and 13 year old young ladies gathered to celebrate my daughter's birthday. Every one of them in braces, bursting with energy and laughter (all night), they spent hours straightening (if they were curly haired) or curling and crimping (if they weren't) their locks.

They are each like the new bulb shoots I see having spent their childhood wintering in the fertile earth of their imagination. Their new growth breaks the surface, their world expands, their teenage years ahead. There will be wind and snow, strong elements to contend with, but with love and nurturing, they will blossom beautifully. The world will be made better by this new bounty, coloring our world, one glorious soul at a time.


Kathy said...

You have a beautiful spirit, Alma!
I love your new work of art, so full of life and color! I want my world to look like that always!

Cyndi said...

This is really beautiful!

Katie said...

I adore you new piece! It is so vibrant and alive!

Christine said...

Hi Elma! I happy to have found your blog while searching out Oregon artists! I remember seeing you on Oregon Art Beat and am so impressed with your work~absolutely gorgeous:)
~Christine in Bend