Friday, August 28, 2009

For My Sisters


Our time is ripe, our mother shines bright....

We stand at the water's edge, urn in hand
The lid is sealed and on my command-

Ashes lift, the drums beat loud. Hear me-
A life once lived has now been found!

The gale howls at the Moon. My Sisters, Hear that song!
Birth and death, Joys and wrongs.

"Yes, this happend to You my love," they say. I Listen.
They bear witness and the water christens.

A Sea of Tears, but dawn now breaks.
We hold each other. We laugh. We ache.

The sands shall shift beneath our feet
With Dance and Grace we rise to meet-

The Light, a Phoenix, but once a snake,
tail in mouth, coiled tight- make no mistake.

Even so, they slip their skins
For each other. One word. Akin.

The ring has widened, they gather 'round.
And with my Sisters,
a life once lived, has now been found.


Lucinda said...

Oh my Alma,
That is just beautiful and so what I needed to hear today!! Thank you, my sister. Cin

Lucinda said...

Alma, my sister, I love this!! I really needed to hear it today too!! Thank you, Cin

Chrissy Foreman C said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! It gave me goosebumps!! What a gift you have x

katiebird said...

WHAT IS THIS??! This is absolutely positively beautiful. It resonates deep within me, dear Alma. I just love love love you. What a wonderful amazing person you are.