Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quilting Arts TV

I remember getting my first issue of Quilting Arts Magazine as I began my artistic journey seven years ago. I was amazed at the beautiful artwork and the way the magazine was laid out. It spoke to my soul as each page I turned showed glorious color and wonderful layers of fabrics and embellishments. At the time I remember thinking I would love to meet Pokey Bolton, the editor and creator of Quilting Arts, because of her vision. She followed up with another incredible publication, Cloth, Paper, Scissors, and this seemed to parallel the changes that were taking place in my artwork as I began to mix up the media I used. The artists featured always inspired me, and still do, to push into new territory. I always read the Editor's Note at the beginning of the magazines and have enjoyed seeing how the magazines have grown. As I headed to Cleveland, Ohio to tape a segment for Quilting Arts TV , I was excited to meet Pokey, this person who had created meaningful touchstones on my artistic path. I marvelled at how incredible life is, bringing opportunities that link us to things we love- and in my case- FIBER ART!

I loved every minute of the Quilting Arts TV experience! Getting to meet special people..... Pokey (wonderful, dynamic energy!) and Helen Gregory (generous spirit!), Kathie Stull (skilled producer!), Katherine (thank you! :)), and all the talented artists and people that make the show a reality. I felt privileged to be there and I want to give a special THANK YOU to Dawn at The Warm Company for making it possible for me be on the show. I LOVE their product, Steam A Seam 2.

I included an image of the project I demonstrated which is Telamadera Fusion With An Art Quilt. The show will be on in January sometime so please look for it on PBS and for the DVD on Quiling Arts. TV


The E's said...

It's just wonderful to see your dreams coming true, Alma! I'm so so proud of you!!

ter said...

i love the piece you made for the show. so glad you had a great experience.

Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful and it was wonderful to meet you in person.