Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Announcement! Artwork from Book is Available!

Hi Everybody,
I received six boxes of artwork today from my publisher and I am so happy to see all the pieces once again- we have been apart for many months now! I have selected 8 to show you here. I am planning to take them to Art & Soul Retreat for the Vendor Night in Portland on October 3rd. I thought, to celebrate their safe arrival I would post them here for you to preview for an opportunity to purchase them. If you purchase between now and the event on October 3rd, I will happily pay for the shipping of the artwork to your home. They are covering all my living room and studio surfaces and need their own wonderful space to hang. I have included the images below however, the descriptions will be listed first, in the same order as the images. Please e-mail me with any questions to alma@almaart.com. Thank you everyone!

"Rose," 15"x15," $500.-
"Love," 12"x 14," 350.-
"Watched Over," "14"x14," $400.-
"Peace," 11"x 5," $175.-
"She Transforms Worlds," 18" x 21," $700.-
"I Am the Drop and the Ocean," 9" x 15," $185.-
"Weave Your Web," 20" x 18," 700.-
"Cliff House," 18" x 18," $600.-


Alma Art said...
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Shona Cole said...

I actually saw all this art work when I was at North Light back in Feb photographing my book! I was so impressed with it, your work is so lively and colorful. These pictures don't do your work justice!

Good luck with the book.

shona cole