Thursday, February 25, 2010

Donating to the World Food Programme

I am donating 40% of the proceeds of the artworks below to the World Food Programme. These are pieces from my book, Collage Fusion: Vibrant Wood and Fabric Art Using Telamadera Techniques. Please help me in supporting feeding others. Please email me, if you are interested. I accept personal checks, paypal and/or Visa/MC. Thank you!

"New York Beauty," Telamadera Fusion, 13x13 inches, $200.-
(Plus shipping, $20.-)

"Tree Fairy," Telamadera Fusion with Quilt, 12x12 inches, $300.-
(Plus Shipping, $20.-)

"Listen to Your Heart," 14x11 inches, Telamadera Fusion with Metal, $325.-
(Plus shipping, $20.-)


Kathy said...

Hi Alma! I love them all -- especially the first one! You are so incredibly talented!!!!!
your biggest fan, kathy

Laurie Miller said...

Hello Alma - I just returned from a weekend at the Coast and took some time to visit the Latimer Quilt Center to see your work. I was so inspired. Thank you for the beautiful work you create. it is truly inspired. I picked up a copy of your book and can't wait to delve into the pages.

Robin said...

Alma, I got your book several months ago and made a 4' x 4' quilting block similar to yours to hang on a front porch. It is quite large so it is visible from the road. It is so gorgeous that people get out of their cars and ask where I got it. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration!