Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Deep and Wideⓒ by Alma de la Melena Cox

I sit here trying
to breathe. Not think.
But peace, as you know
can't be found on the brink

of wanting and doing,
goals to be met,
standing at the window
of guilt and regret.

What's it all for?
What is my purpose?
Questions & Answers
clouding the surface.

Light catches my eye
a breeze, and my breath.
Some space, but too soon
there's cry in my chest.

Shoulds and woulds
what ifs and hows.
Breath gets louder
and the moment called Now

flies by, she's a bird.
Breeze, breath and blue.
It all seems absurd
when everything true

is now, not later
not before or even soon.
I catch her wing,
so grateful. There's room

in this moment,
Space. Deep and wide.
Holy and grace,
not words. No mind.

The gift in the window
comes without expectation.
No planning or wishing
just soaring elation.

The hills laugh in color.
Flowers dance in delight,
blooming for beauty,
blue bird gives me sight.

Wind lifts us up.
Our breath, one more thing,
Your reason for being is
the beauty you bring.


katiebird said...

WOW...Alma, that is beautiful.

Izzy said...

Wow, beautiful!! I can't tell you how much those words ring true for my own soul. Thanks so much for sharing.

Barbara said...

How Beautiful. Your word really touch home for me and roe so many of the lovely women I know, thank You for putting those feelings into words.

Joni James said...

Wow is right! I just happen to click on your blog and found this most beautiful sweet inspiring poem. Thank you for sharing, it's lovely!!