Thursday, February 7, 2013

Seaking Creativity Expert.....Apply Within

If you've read my website, you've familiarized yourself with my bossy Soul. Unless I am following her mandates, I wake up with ennui that is super hard to shed, like I did this morning, leaving me with scant energy to be productive, so I wander around the web aimlessly looking, looking, looking....for I don't know what, while my ego pumps me with thoughts like these: You are so lazy. You are wasting time. You will never be successful because you're wasting time. You might as well go and get a REAL job. Clearly, you don't deserve the job you have. This can go on in a circular fashion, for YEARS, my ego is hardly original. So I say, "Fine! Whatever! I will clear my computer screen for You, Divine Diva! What can possibly be more important than The Worldwide Web, for crying out loud! Here! Here is a fresh, blank document. Look, I'll even give it a folder, makes it more important that way (it helps me feel better to be snarky and dramatic). My fingers, poised and ready, await her Divine Discourse...waiting, waiting, waiting....I go get tea, and still, I wait, like I have all day. Oooh, I feel some words coming... Seeking Creativity Expert Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, inspiring others, creating beauty, and most importantly, healing the world. The successful candidate will have a strong working knowledge of the principles of creation- expansiveness, abundance, love and an ability to see beauty in all sentient beings. Must have prior experience in fantasy, specifically, strong visualization skills with a well-developed imagination. A playful, child-like spirit is a must. Must be willing to work long hours, including being open during sleep, to receive inspiration. Must bring an attitude of gratitude to the interview. Apply within. (Sorry, gotta go! I have a job to save.)


hollyllama said...

You have a kindred spirit in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This sounds just like me! And I would gladly apply for the Seeking Creativity Expert position. :) Take heart. Even "laziness" serves a purpose.

Linda Slobey said...

Alma, I love your concept. Perfect. You covered it all.
To do list: Must fill this position for self.

JC Little said...

Creativity is a spark that must be nourished by living life. I go out, open my eyes and ears and relax. All too soon the deluge of inspiration retuns and i am a slave to it. I am its bitch!