Monday, February 15, 2016

Alice Follows her Bliss

On an inspiring graffiti tour in Paris recently, I came across a stencil I love of Alice in Wonderland. I would give the artist credit if I could. I took some liberty in playing with the stencil with my images of my wonderland, San Francisco. Here are a couple for you to enjoy, the first is titled, "Alice Plays in San Francisco." In the original image, Alice has spray painted the Ace with a Fleur de Lis in its center. To me, the Fleur de Lis is a trinity symbol of power, wisdom and love. I cut the Ace out and placed it in the window of the Victorian, housing the symbol in my favorite type of home. The second image is titled, "Alice Imagines." The third image is titled, "Quilted City." I fell down the rabbit hole when I began quilting over fifteen years ago. Since then, pattern, shape, color and texture have been my alchemical tools much like Alice's spray paint can in her hand. The digital art was created in Photoshop CS6. I'm happy to share any questions about the process.

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