Monday, February 22, 2016


It was a rainy, moody weekend in Portland, Oregon, perfect for hunkering down in our well-appointed, downtown hotel, with the subject of faith in my heart. These days, along with faith, I'm holding my dream, a novel I've written and want to share with you. Like all worthy goals, time must have its turn with this one. I've spent enough time creating to know there's a time for action and a time to allow my soul to work her magic. The best way to get out of her way (and out of my head) is to fill myself with inspiration and keep creating. Here's what went down in the City of Roses ... a deep dive into a plush bed and a great read, The Little Paris Bookshop, by Nina George. Float to the surface where all I want is to post digital art from our trip to Paris this past summer (Why haven't I done that yet? Ah ... editing, editing and more editing. How soon I forget the arduous labor!). I step away from wet metaphors into a reality of rain outside and walk to Powell's Books where I buy Amy Butler's, Blossom (issues 1 & 2). More gorgeous images and words fill my heart and then, an art muralist captivates me with the lovely figure I photographed below. Notice one of the words at bottom right ... faith. Validation is the best! On the plane ride home, the person next to me, an Irish American woman, about my mother's age, tells me she loves rain and it's a good thing, since she is going home to Ireland. She inspires me too as she does exactly what she loves as an avid gardener and world traveler. We enjoy Blossom's flowers and richly hued pictures of other countries. She lives alone on two acres in a 250 year old cottage, a 45 minute flight from Dublin. I ask if she gets lonely. No, she picks up and goes to visit friends all over. Her favorite spot to visit right now is the island of Malta. Her words conjure a planet as a neighborhood ... where strangers are fast friends when the language of inspiration is shared. Now it's easy to have faith. I thank her, Nina, Amy and a talented muralist for bringing me inspiration that keeps me believing in my own dream.
Photos that inspired the art above:

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